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Thunder Thrust
5:27 = php
8:24 = swift
11:20 = java
13:18 = javascript
15:39 = python

Комментарий от : Thunder Thrust

Allwyn Mendes
Yo man, thanks for making this video. Very informative and motivating !
Комментарий от : Allwyn Mendes

sakshya nigam
did u notice wrong cardinal direction👀🤔
Комментарий от : sakshya nigam

Huzaifa plays
my is python
Комментарий от : Huzaifa plays

pradeep rana
Комментарий от : pradeep rana

Ajay Jain
Hi Hitesh,

I want to know about free screen recording tool with audio to record videos for youtube? Can you please suggest free tool for Mac?

Комментарий от : Ajay Jain

udaya raj
Please make video on kotlin multiplatform
Комментарий от : udaya raj

Neeraj Sharma
Hi Hitesh, I am a working as IT professional and managing technology operations.Now a days i am getting attracted towards development and want to start learning code.Please guide me where to start and the language i want to prefer is python.One more thing , i am zero about coding.
Комментарий от : Neeraj Sharma

Sagar Khadka
what about Go lang
Комментарий от : Sagar Khadka

Yes, so here's the truth, OUR favourite is PHP & MYSQL.

Ameya k.
Hi hitesh i am wached your video and i am started to learn java but i am not understand the oops concept so what i do for that
Комментарий от : Ameya k.

W Emp HPworks
my favorite language is Gujarati
Комментарий от : W Emp HPworks

Tanveer Jafri
one of my favorite programming language is C and C++
Комментарий от : Tanveer Jafri

Zia Ullah Sarwar
Hitesh plz make short video we know your videos are very helpful and interested but some people are gone bored 😒
Комментарий от : Zia Ullah Sarwar

Roselyn Ojala:
I agree with Python being number 1. I am just starting but a little background on Fortran and BASIC languages
Комментарий от : Roselyn Ojala:

HOME Brand
I am looking forward to restart my career after 4 years of gap n have 4 years exp . How I can do it ? I have exp on plsql linux python Oracle. Learning python in depth these days .
Комментарий от : HOME Brand

ajay sarwai
Yes JS and Python will be hottest for next decade.
Комментарий от : ajay sarwai

GM.Creations :-TROLLER
Brother can you tell me that how leaning this coding languages please guide me and please massage me
Комментарий от : GM.Creations :-TROLLER

Kami 350
Great Hatish baii
Always i follow u

Комментарий от : Kami 350

Laiq Qureshi
javascript, python, java, swift, php
Комментарий от : Laiq Qureshi

Ernst Greiner
I'm allways a little bit sad, that C# doesn't appear in those lists, but maybe it will become more popular in 2021/22 (.Net 5...)
Комментарий от : Ernst Greiner

Hardik Verma
Please don't use the word Pakistan in your videos.
Комментарий от : Hardik Verma

Of course PHP :)
Комментарий от : RB T

KrishnaChaitanya Pericharla
java is the best
Комментарий от : KrishnaChaitanya Pericharla

Godis Gruvan
python, golang and nodejs
Комментарий от : Godis Gruvan

Pole Dev
Absolutely Java family number 1
Комментарий от : Pole Dev

Cindy L
thank you for your insight.
Комментарий от : Cindy L

Douglexy Technologies254
Hello Sir Hitesh, am a student and am in crossroad of deciding whether i should dive into PHP , What's your opinion as per the market right now...please reply
Комментарий от : Douglexy Technologies254

I feel like Kotlin should have been mentioned alongside Java, as its slowly taking over Java. Nice video 👌🏽
Комментарий от : Blaze-Yann

Sakura Ikamoto
In the 5 programming language with web and application
Комментарий от : Sakura Ikamoto

Sakura Ikamoto
Favorite programming c/c++
Комментарий от : Sakura Ikamoto

Sakura Ikamoto
C, C++,Java, Python, C#
Комментарий от : Sakura Ikamoto

Bhaskar Uprety
I love Python..
Комментарий от : Bhaskar Uprety

Scientific Superstitions
1. Python
2. Javascript
3. Java
4. Swift

Комментарий от : Scientific Superstitions

Rishabh Pathak
Jai shia RRAAMM
Комментарий от : Rishabh Pathak

Amutha Diana
Комментарий от : Amutha Diana

Carlos Becerra
Hi, nice video. Could somebody help me with this question? I am not a programmer but i would like to learn a program language that allows me to create cloud applications to implement the expertise i have in other field. How do i should proceed and which lnaguage should i learn? Thanks for your advise.
Комментарий от : Carlos Becerra

I want to build logistics programm, which language should I use?
Комментарий от : Darkgodof300man

Wat AtWork
I love c#
Комментарий от : Wat AtWork

Mohammad Aquib
My favourite programming language is c++
Комментарий от : Mohammad Aquib

Harshavardhan dsh
is widening mouth is a style of good english speaking....
Комментарий от : Harshavardhan dsh

I love java, but I need to learn java script right now
Комментарий от : alpadangy

good description on programming language
Комментарий от : www.amitsirtutor.com

Drop Kick
Thanx for this video
Комментарий от : Drop Kick

Helper khan
sir what about asp.net mvc? please guide me can i make my final year project in asp.net mvc or not?
Комментарий от : Helper khan

Charles Carr
Professor Choudhary, As-Salamu Alaikum, Thank you for your courses on u-Tube. They are indeed the most comprehensive that I have found. So I have joined your online classes. I have two questions to ask before I start. However, I am not sure this is the right forum to ask.
You shouuld have access to my email. Once I hear from you I will ask and of course, at your discretion you can share. Thank you very much, Charlie

Комментарий от : Charles Carr

Nilam Khebude
I want to learn any programming language .I am new in programming languages ,which language i will learn now?? please reply!!!
Комментарий от : Nilam Khebude

I am a beginner.i am starting with c.
Комментарий от : HARSH KANSAL

Amit Roy
Amazing sir..
Комментарий от : Amit Roy

I think something a little problem in your right eys. If u don't mind Bro.🙊 Um sorry🙏
Комментарий от : R

Amit Dongarwar
Python is the best programming language and one of my favorite
Комментарий от : Amit Dongarwar

Learn Robotic Process Automation and stay cool from recession : youtube.com/c/simpleASabc
Комментарий от : simpleASabc

Coding with Sayed
hit like if you love python🐍🐍
Комментарий от : Coding with Sayed

In short data structures gives the idea about how you can handle things easily at backend where complexity level is more.....right sir??
Комментарий от : VIJAY NAVALE

application Info
Why do I just feel like PHP is tedious and a pain in the a$$
Комментарий от : application Info

Aniket Wadkar
My favourite programming language is Java. Leaning more towards functional programming now.
Комментарий от : Aniket Wadkar

Rashid Abbasi
i read all comments.. i tell you something, if you are expert in one language , that language is in first position,, all language is in first position, i am working in JAVA , C++ , and coding for 5 generation FIGHTER JET, RADAR, high technology,,, so please learn one language,
Комментарий от : Rashid Abbasi

Vishu Vishal Singh
No doubt ! ❤️Java❤️ 😍
Комментарий от : Vishu Vishal Singh

i can understand you very easily....
#love you sir
keep making these videos and help me to become a coder

Комментарий от : ICY DEVIL

Rahul Dhangar
Thanks Hitesh for such an insightful and precise video! Could you compile a list of top 5 JS framework to delve into (and their powers & limitations) after learning ES6 ? I will be eager to know how you compare and rank React, Angular, Vue, etc among each other!
Комментарий от : Rahul Dhangar

Jaipal Yadav
nice video

Комментарий от : Jaipal Yadav

Khizar khan
yes Python
Комментарий от : Khizar khan

Sagar Hingal
Please make a video on GO LANG
Комментарий от : Sagar Hingal

Sam Adams
Hello Mr.Hitesh,
Would love your reviews on C# with the latest launch

Комментарий от : Sam Adams

Mohammad Aquib
c++ is my favourite programming language
Комментарий от : Mohammad Aquib

Licelot Marmolejos
How about c#?
Комментарий от : Licelot Marmolejos

Pranjali Singh
Which book will u recommend for learning Oracle database..?
Комментарий от : Pranjali Singh

Bhawna Sharma
5. PHP
You're welcome 😊

Комментарий от : Bhawna Sharma

Jainish Pandya
Very useful
Комментарий от : Jainish Pandya

Rizwan Ahmed Butt
nice video like always
Комментарий от : Rizwan Ahmed Butt

Jack the Ripper
Комментарий от : Jack the Ripper

NDs_ 1994
Thank bro
Комментарий от : NDs_ 1994

Ugochukwu Stephen Belenu
Mr Hitesh, thank you very much for a well compiled video on Top 5 programming languages in 2019.It is motivatonal.
Комментарий от : Ugochukwu Stephen Belenu

Chandraveer Singh
I have no idea about your first question but for second question answer is, My favorite programming language is "Python"
Комментарий от : Chandraveer Singh

zeeshan ali
I love your videos. No matter how long or time taking it is. Ur videos are full of knowledge and the way you explain is amazing. U must be a good student because a student can teach better than a teacher. Keep it up. I would love to be like you. Thankyou for your videos.
Комментарий от : zeeshan ali

Jonathan Ismaila
I didn't see my Visual Studio on the list (sobs). I still have a lot to learn. I am an intermediate programmer in Visual Basic developing desktop based apps for small companies. Programming ain't easy.
Комментарий от : Jonathan Ismaila

Android Lover
Комментарий от : Android Lover

Monkbit Games
android super simple to learn?? wtf
Комментарий от : Monkbit Games

இசன் மாருப்
1. Java Script & SQLlite
2. C++ & C#
3. Python & PgSQL
4. Java & Oracle
5. Php & MySQL
Special mention # Swift, R, Golang, Haskal, ABAP

Комментарий от : இசன் மாருப்

Cata strophic
Thank You for video ! I learned much here ! keep up fine knowledge !👍📚😃📖📘🔬💻📱💾
Комментарий от : Cata strophic

Muntasir Minhaz
Not sure why people think PHP is a dying language?
Комментарий от : Muntasir Minhaz

Harish Deivanayagam
Комментарий от : Harish Deivanayagam

parvinder kaur
I learn php ...so plz tell me it's good for my future or not ? Plz reply me ..🙏
Комментарий от : parvinder kaur

Mistr YouTuber
which video editor u use??
Комментарий от : Mistr YouTuber

indresh yadav
please !! can you give me an online railway reservation program without graphics by using turbo c++ ... i will be very thankful of you .. please.
Комментарий от : indresh yadav

Gouda Patil
bro what about Golang ... Its becoming a trending language over world
Комментарий от : Gouda Patil

Hesam Zakeri
django and python for back-end web development or PHP? p
Комментарий от : Hesam Zakeri

Nancy J
Комментарий от : Nancy J

shubham raj
All these programming language is made by one language, its c++ , no app can run faster than c++, even ios apps can be made using c++, games in android like pubg are also made in c++
Комментарий от : shubham raj

Ubaid Khan
What about Kotlin ?
Комментарий от : Ubaid Khan

Farhan ali
Love from North Pakistan...Lots of information in one video 👍🏼 💗
Комментарий от : Farhan ali

My list is PHP JavaScript Java
Комментарий от : WorldGyan

kehinde oluwadamilare
my favourite programming language is c# and php ...
Комментарий от : kehinde oluwadamilare

Dhiraj Nayak
I wish you worked on neutralizing your accent. Viewers have difficulty consuming the amazing content you produce.
Комментарий от : Dhiraj Nayak

Happy Chuck Programming
Rust is pretty cool too with its memory safety features and speed vis a vis C++
Комментарий от : Happy Chuck Programming

Tahir hussain
I think c#
Комментарий от : Tahir hussain

Shiv Patil
Thank you for the video sir.
Please give a seminar explaining what Dita and XML actually is.

Комментарий от : Shiv Patil

Michael Qin
Комментарий от : Michael Qin

Sindhubharathi Rajendran
Комментарий от : Sindhubharathi Rajendran

Efe Daniel Onah-Ojobo
Thanks, bro.....
Комментарий от : Efe Daniel Onah-Ojobo

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