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Richard Kalaw
5 years later and this video is still the best to show someone who wants to know the differences.
Комментарий от : Richard Kalaw

HDD is bekar
Комментарий от : Samrat

Āk ĀkM
I have 120g ssd and 500g sshd
When i purchas it i was think its normal hdd put i surprised cuz it sshd😆

Комментарий от : Āk ĀkM

Jis Jis Ko Subscriber Chaieye Wo Mere Channel Pr Subscribe Karde Or Comments Karde Me Kar Duga
Комментарий от : MaxRine

SNIP_DarthVader0901 _
Not true 29 second with my hdd, 7/8 with SSD, it's much than SSD but it still good
Комментарий от : SNIP_DarthVader0901 _

SunSun Channel
Like SSD
Комментарий от : SunSun Channel

tcp udp
The best video ever for explanation whatsoever
Комментарий от : tcp udp

Jaime Huerta
2014: Meh
2015: Nope
2016: Hmm.. Maybe, but no
2017: Absloutely not
2018: Well yes, but actually not
2019: Lets do this chief
2020: Maybe¿? Probably not but -_-

Комментарий от : Jaime Huerta

Safaeit Hossain
Once you go SSD, you never go back!
Комментарий от : Safaeit Hossain

david pufnić
Ssd is best
Комментарий от : david pufnić

Ian Chang
Add was first the hybrid was second and the Hdd is last
Комментарий от : Ian Chang

I am getting a 1tb eco tomorrow because the harddrivrle I have right now is so slow it is laughable the write speed is like 10kbps my loading time to gett on to discord can upwards of 10 mins
Комментарий от : MJWEZGAME

What about ssd+hhd?
Комментарий от : Itz-GreekGamer888

Crescendo com MRI
Комментарий от : Crescendo com MRI

Тихон Бузынкин
Всё хорошо, но почему без звука? Наложил бы какую-нибудь музычку!
Комментарий от : Тихон Бузынкин

zero brine
Now:m.2 ssd
Комментарий от : zero brine

Kim Calitina
but for me still hdd is the best it depands upon the hardware specification of your machine to get better performance its up to you who is better storage device
Комментарий от : Kim Calitina

Blonde Gamer
türk var mı :D
Комментарий от : Blonde Gamer

elli virgo
poor hdd
Комментарий от : elli virgo

omkar kamble
i use hdd
Комментарий от : omkar kamble

imran arshad
SSD is best
Комментарий от : imran arshad

LeoPrince 137
I just learned that 4 minutes are enough to start browse and shutdown pc on any hard disks.
Комментарий от : LeoPrince 137

Zarb e azb
I also use SSD because it is faster

Комментарий от : Zarb e azb

With a HDD I get time to actually fall asleep
Комментарий от : BLAEZ

I prefer the HDD cuz I'll have 2hrs for sleeping unill my PC's startup complete😂😂😂
Комментарий от : YøløMan

Sagar Pal
Bhai kuch jayda hi ni fek di...
Комментарий от : Sagar Pal

Truth Edge
It is not worth it for me . Ssd is not better in the way i use my pc
Комментарий от : Truth Edge

FWT Fun With Tech
Nice video

Комментарий от : FWT Fun With Tech

PendidikanUntuk Semua
youtu.be/6V1HtZG0tRs #yangpentingssd
Комментарий от : PendidikanUntuk Semua

PaoPao Gaming YT
Lol.HDD is loser drive
Комментарий от : PaoPao Gaming YT

Just Fun
Комментарий от : Just Fun

Sem Nome
SSD and life!!
Комментарий от : Sem Nome

mamgigyu sharingan
2019 we have nvme gen4 :)
Комментарий от : mamgigyu sharingan

Karan Sk
HDD & SSD both can I use????
Комментарий от : Karan Sk

Aravind MK
Who ever left. computer industry and join automobile
Комментарий от : Aravind MK

YouTube recommend me after 5 year
And still i am waching 😊 to know difference

Комментарий от : LEGEND AK GAMING

M tO
i want a Heart pls :D
Комментарий от : M tO

I Believe
Anyway i need a gf xd im shy af so reply if you're single, you won't regret it. I promise x
Комментарий от : I Believe

Manuel Prieto
5400 rpm con razón tan lento pero uno de 7200 no tendrá mucha diferencia
Комментарий от : Manuel Prieto

Mr. Bombastix
This got into my recommended, don’t know why, won’t ask, but damn after 5 years this dude still hearting comments
Комментарий от : Mr. Bombastix

Nick Wilde
Que monitores tan feos
Комментарий от : Nick Wilde

ADA Home
Hdd is the internet Explorer of disk
Комментарий от : ADA Home

يوسف ٰ
6m views and only 40k likes man this dude deserves more appreciation
Комментарий от : يوسف ٰ

First of all. What kind of Area 51 techonology is a Solid State hard drive
Комментарий от : Winter

bro moment
Комментарий от : Personas

Hard drives are a thing of the past

And clearly the video proves it

Комментарий от : Extundo

Sam Jackson
Who 2019 year

Комментарий от : Sam Jackson

HDD is bad when it becomes full it take ages to refresh or react hybrid recommended ssd is low on space
Комментарий от : James

Lemuel Aquino
my 5400 rpm hdd can boot my laptop in 8 seconds xD
Комментарий от : Lemuel Aquino

I love how some people make extremely lame excuses because they cant afford an SSD. Of course its much better, but please dont be a sore loser.
Комментарий от : keyboardmannow

Комментарий от : jonerval

Sara Pereira
hh yyy
Комментарий от : Sara Pereira

HDD gave justice to win 7 boot animation
Комментарий от : JΞΞiΞΞ

stuck in the past
I like how the computer user names are the drive that the computer use
Комментарий от : stuck in the past

Harrison Lane
I'm so glad I got this video today so that I can know the best way to set up my new Windows 7 computer.
Комментарий от : Harrison Lane

charl Videos
I’ve got a weird bias for HDDs, I tell myself that they are more reliable, when I’ve had far more HDDs fail than SSDs. In reality I just like hard disk drive sounds
Комментарий от : charl Videos

Everett Claunch
Wow, that difference is incredible. Now that SSDs are becoming more and more affordable I think I might be ready to finally switch.
Комментарий от : Everett Claunch

Ian W
Hybrid was impressive (all things considered).
Комментарий от : Ian W

Roni .o_O
Комментарий от : Roni .o_O

Kamre AlamKR
Solid state drive is very excellent
Комментарий от : Kamre AlamKR

Tech And Graphics
Like For Ssd
Комментарий от : Tech And Graphics

I'm have got computer with HDD
Комментарий от : Фриморгер

Star Ibrahim
Convert hdd style from mbr to gpt
Комментарий от : Star Ibrahim

Mohammad Mustaffa Mazumdar
Thanks Sir
Комментарий от : Mohammad Mustaffa Mazumdar

Mohammad Mustaffa Mazumdar
SSHD is not support in my computer HDD is the best
Комментарий от : Mohammad Mustaffa Mazumdar

Sonic Best Game Extreme
Try to use Western Digital (WD) Hard Disk. It will be fast but not very. Because Seagate HDD Sucks.
Комментарий от : Sonic Best Game Extreme

Tai Theguy
Excellent video.
Few notes:
7,200hdd beat 5400 rpm ones.
M.2, nvme, msata ssd beat most 2.5" ssds(mostly because of the plug, not the ssd itself - so don't spend extra $ adapting msata ssd to sata)
Newer generations of sshds are even better. Plus, your VERY 1st boot&browser usage? That's when the sshd will be the slowest- b4 it starts "learning"

Комментарий от : Tai Theguy

Jarod Skaff
SSHDs are really just for fast SSD like boots and durability.
Комментарий от : Jarod Skaff

Avtar Singh ROX
Who missed p.c build up
Комментарий от : Avtar Singh ROX

Towsif_8 _12
HDD is yellowish, probably jaundiced :(((
Комментарий от : Towsif_8 _12

Al Sp
I have STD
Комментарий от : Al Sp

IcE_ BoY
Лол, у меня hdd но точно 5 мин не включается
Комментарий от : IcE_ BoY

Алексей Кобзев
жалкая реклама
Комментарий от : Алексей Кобзев

Alek S
my hdd starts as fast as this ssd lol, you just gotta fuck with the settings (I have 2 evo nvs and a hybrid now but havent noticed a change from my win7 pc - I have also read that with hybrids you gotta start it a few times to get it into cache and then it'll be as quick as ssd but havent tested it with my setup as it's not needed obviously).. oh and i use laptops only.. in short.. if your pc takes longer than 20s to start, you got too many shitty things starting up in the background etc
Комментарий от : Alek S

sultan ossi
Maybe a hybrid would do the job cuz it's faster than hdd and cheaper than ssd
Комментарий от : sultan ossi

Allan Cameron
So the hybrid SSHD seems to be the sweet spot. Boosted performance and high-capacity is dirt cheap vs SSD prices. 4TB SSHD under $200 lol try finding a 4TB SSD for that price 😂
Комментарий от : Allan Cameron

blok kedi
Hdd is poop
Комментарий от : blok kedi

Một cuộc đời
Комментарий от : Một cuộc đời

Anwar Hossain
solid state drive (x)
super speed drive (o)

Комментарий от : Anwar Hossain

Why dont M.2 NVME?
Комментарий от : Savann

Киро Ноу
Ну так какой даун будет виндовс на хдд хранить?
Комментарий от : Киро Ноу

Hackers How I
HDD = 2G
Hybrid = 3G

SSD = 4G (LTE)
nvme = 5G

Комментарий от : Hackers How I

lady bird
You need to be REALLY impatient to be worried about a few seconds difference I mean come on hehe!
Комментарий от : lady bird

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
Комментарий от : CanadianBlaze34

Imron YSF
SSD 4G 😂😂
Комментарий от : Imron YSF

Max Dovbnia
My HDD starting windows 10 , in 13 sec ...
Комментарий от : Max Dovbnia

Brandon Black 女
tell me who is stealing from back booth
Комментарий от : Brandon Black 女

Winged Hussar
I have rtx 2060 and ryzen 5 2600x anddd 8gb ram now I understand why my pc is still shit
Комментарий от : Winged Hussar

Eco Crash
I have HDD but it's speed is like SSD what
Комментарий от : Eco Crash

We need a comparison video like this but need to go from old shitty 5,400 rmp Hard Drive right up to Samsung 970 SSD which are rediculously fast(+1GB/s copy speeds)
Комментарий от : getl0st

Let's face it, as long as people are streaming porn the most important thing is your internet speed.
Комментарий от : NZNSI Inc

Critique aquatique
HDD disks it's shit ^^
Комментарий от : Critique aquatique

Suebpong Thongsuebsang
Wow Solid-State-Drive (SSD) is too faster.
Комментарий от : Suebpong Thongsuebsang

Just have SSD as your boot drive and Hybrid for everything else! SOLVED!
Комментарий от : mrak408

dusty dex
My biggest concerns with SSD is that data can't be guaranteed by manufacturers to be 100% securely erased.
Plus, there's no reporting to warn that an SSD is close to failure.

better off with a mix of both hdd and ssd.
I've had stiction issues with a hybrid drive recently, and now view conventional drives are better value (in the long run)

Комментарий от : dusty dex

Комментарий от : はたはたでーす

alı cavadlı
amk hibrid diye biwi yokki .....
Комментарий от : alı cavadlı

Main Channel
What is cheapest, that what I will choose😗
Комментарий от : Main Channel

Валерий Гусейнов
Windows 10 быстрее запускается на обычном диске, Windows7 сама по себе тормознутая. Но она появилась в 2015 году.
Комментарий от : Валерий Гусейнов

Ghir Djdid
i dont know how can you do it in the same time please replay
Комментарий от : Ghir Djdid

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